Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Touching, Heartwarming, Lovely

What would you do if you found out you had a three year old child you never knew existed? That is exactly what happens to James Keeper, in Edward Hardy's new book Keeper and Kid. James, or Keeper as he is called, is a kind, casual man that works in the antiques industry, has a beautiful girlfriend, Leah, and only occasionally has flashbacks to what life was like with his ex-wife, Cynthia. When Cynthia passes away, Keeper soon learns that she has his son three years ago, yet failed to fill him in on that most important piece of information; instead, choosing to place Leo with him once she died.

Keeper has never cared for a child before, disregarding the fact that he has never even met Leo. He and Leah have just moved into a new house, though when she finds Leo sitting in the living room one evening after returning home from a business trip, she jets out of there as fast as possible. Now Keeper is alone, with a three year old that just lost his mother, believes his father is away on an island, and will only eat round food. Thrown off the high dive into fatherhood, Keeper does what any respectable man would do: he basically gives up. Through some coaching by close friends and the subtle love of an irresistible three year old, Keeper slowly gets his life back and is allowed to watch Leo get his back as well.

Keeper and Kid is an incredibly touching story and one that I must recommend to all of you that believe men cannot write intimate novels without including raunchy sex scenes. Hardy does an amazing job of tapping into the psyche of Keeper, Leah, and little Leo, all without missing a beat. As I was reading the book this past weekend, I kept closing it after certain chapters with a smile on my face, knowing that this could actually be someone’s reality and the author did such a great job at making that known. Your heart will be opened by this novel and you will immediately be wanting another title from Hardy’s hand.


3M said...

I'm glad you enjoyed this one, Amanda, as I have it to read soon.

Jenny said...

Thanks for the great review Amanda. I just added this one to my reading list.