Friday, April 18, 2008

Two More Alice books!

I’m slowly making my way through Phyllis Reynolds Naylor’s Alice series for the Themed Reading Challenge hosted by Caribou’s Mom and I’m enjoying each book that I read. I know I read them all years and years ago, but it’s always fun to revisit old favorites. I guess that’s what challenges are for.

In Alice in April, our ever-so-lovable main character has decided that since she is about to turn thirteen, she is now the Woman of the House and needs to take on more “womanly” responsibilities, such as doing her dad’s and brother’s mending, making dinner, and all the other lovely things that come along with growing up. As usual, disaster ensues and Alice is left more confused than ever! While all her planning is going on, Alice is also desparetly waiting for the boys in her class to give her a state name based on her chest size, the more mountainous the state, the more appealing her breasts are, I suppose and Alice also gets a glimpse into tragedy after a student in her class takes her own life.

In Alice-in-Between, poor Alice gets the blues over not fitting in. She isn’t maturing quite as fast as some girls, but not quite as slowly as others, causing her to feel left out and lonely. She becomes romantically interested in Patrick again and their “in-between” status is not helping her feel any better at all. Lester’s girlfriends make another hilarious appearance in this sixth book in the series and Alice’s dad begins to get more serious with her teacher.

Though the Alice books are more mature material than a lot of parents want their girls reading at 11 or 12, they really do cover realistic experiences and emotions that the girls go through. The books are funny, well-written, and always enjoyable. Two more down!

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