Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Cake Thief

In The Cake Thief, by Sally Lee, Clarence is a young boy that enjoys stealing cakes others in his neighborhood work hard at baking. He sneaks around town, in a somewhat scary mask, stealing freshly baked cakes and bringing them back to his house. When he receives an invitation to a party, where he is instructed to bring a cake of his own, Clarence realizes he can't very well bring a cake that he has stolen from someone else, therefore he must learn to bake his own. Once he has taken the steps to learn how to bake his own cake and actually follows through, Clarence feels much more rewarded than when he was simply stealing cakes from his neighbors.

Hmm...I'm not really sure what to think about this short picture book. It does have a good message: stealing is wrong and working towards something ends up being much more rewarding than the stealing, however the message is portrayed in an overly simplistic and very short manner. The ending came rather abruptly for me. The illustrations, also done by the author, are beautiful, though I do have to admit, a little strange in places. The mask Clarence wears could be a bit scary to children, but I may just be overly picky. Author Sally Lee definitely has something going here, I'm just not sure the overall package was quite right. For me at least! Other reviews on Amazon rave about The Cake Thief, so you'll have to judge for yourself!

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