Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Lucky Place

Written by Zu Vincent, The Lucky Place is a newly published juvenile fiction book that also happens to be an incredible emotional rollercoaster. Set against the backdrop of the 1960's, young Cassie is growing up learning how to love two very different fathers. Her biological father is an alcoholic that only comes around when it's convenient to him, leaving Cassie and her brother loving their dad, but confused as to why he won't stay around, not to mention why their mother hates him so much. Their stepfather, Ellis, is a wonderful man that sweeps their mother off her feet and makes promises to the children that he actually keeps. Though she loves Ellis, Cassie is often made to feel as if she is betraying her real father by doing so. When Ellis becomes ill and Cassie's fears of losing the love and stability that Ellis provides, she is more confused than ever, always wondering what the right thing to do really is.

Vincent has created a novel, though not exactly exciting and page turning, definitely kept me reading, wanting to know just what would happen to Cassie and her brother. The portrayal of emotions is very realistic and the love that Cassie has for two different men pours off the pages. This is a unique story, one that I have not yet come across in another title, and one that will stay with you after the last page is completed.

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