Friday, May 9, 2008


It's another one folks! Another title that I have seen rave reviews on, all around the blogosphere, that I just didn't really enjoy. Who knows why, just another I didn't get, though there must be something that is making the rest of you love this story so much!

Peeled, written by the popular Joan Bauer, is the story of Hildy Biddle (gotta love that name), a reporter for her school's newspaper, "The Core." The town newspaper has begun running stories on some eerie happenings around town, namely creepy messages that are starting to worry the residents of the town. Sensationalism gets to an all time high and Hildy decides to take on the story herself, for the school's paper, to get the truth as to what is really going on. The town's reporters only seem to be interested in selling the story and ultimately creating a huge haunted house amusement park in town, which would shut down farmland that the residents of Banesville make their living off of. Hildy begins her own in-depth investigation, resulting in her entering into incredibly hot water and risking everything to get the truth.

I honestly don't know why I didn't enjoy Peeled. Who knows...maybe it's just the mood I've been in lately, affecting my reading taste. It is written in typical Bauer fashion, with funny characters and humor spun throughout the seriousness of the plot, yet I still just didn't connect with the story. I do, however, need to comment on the genius of the cover. The cover depicts the plot perfectly and definitely is one of those that make you want to grab the book off the shelf and take it home. Covers too often stray too far from the story, though this one is just perfect.

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