Saturday, May 3, 2008

Picture Book Saturday!! Bedtime Books...

I have piles and piles of books to review and lately many of them have had a bedtime theme. Works great for a Picture Book Saturday posting! These books are brand new, all just recently published (or about to be), so you should be able to find them at your local library or on Amazon. Enjoy!

The House in the Night
The House in the Night,written by Susan Marie Swanson and beautifully illustrated by Beth Krommes, we have another Goodnight Moon on our hands. The text is simple, as the reader gets to explore different aspects of light within a house, while preparing for bedtime. It's very repetitive, which will be pleasing for early readers, though I guarantee after reading this out loud two or three times, you parents will have the text memorized!

The most striking part about this book is definitely Krommes illustrations. Done in subtle black and white, infused with yellow as the light source. I will definitely be looking for more books illustrated by this talented and unique artist. A very enjoyable bedtime story, you'll probably have to read again and again.

Wynken, Blyken, and Nod
Though most of you are probably familiar with the famous poem written in the late 1800's by Eugene Field, this is a brand new edition, illustrated by Giselle Potter, that I have just fallen in love with. The same lullaby-esqu poem is used as the text, but the illustrations are simply phenomenal and better than I have seen in any other Wynken, Blynken, and Nod adaptation. The poetry is flowing and soothing, perfect for a bedtime story. Your kids will love this, though you will love it too...always a plus when you have to read books over and over again. Wynken, Blynken, and Nod, illustrated by Giselle Potter, would be a fantastic purchase for any home or library.

In a Blue Room
First time picture book author, Jim Averbeck, has created a unique bedtime story that had me chuckling, as well as seeing the sweet side. Little Alice is wide awake and though her mother keeps bringing her different things to comfort her, such as tea and a soft quilt, but none of those things are blue and Alice is convinced she can only fall asleep in a completely blue room. When the light finally is turned off and the room fills with soft moonlight, setting a blue glow over everything, Alice is finally able to fall soundly asleep.

In a Blue Room is a cute story and the illustrations, done by Tricia Tusa, are beautiful. Children will giggle at Alice's impossibility, but will also see the sweetness is the mother's doting and kindness. When Alice finally falls asleep, that's your cue to put your own little ones to bed! Let's just hope they don't insist on falling asleep in an orange room or something strange like that! :-)

If Animals Kissed Goodnight
My final selection for this week's Picture Book Saturday, Bedtime Edition, is an adorable book by Ann Whitford Paul, definitely worthy of some buzz. While getting ready for bed, a young girl and her mother have a conversation about what it would be like if animals kissed goodnight, creating lots of hypothetical, cute, animal smooching situations.

The illustrations, done by David Walker, are soft and serene, perfect for this type of story. Between the illustrations and the adorable, rhyming text this is an excellent book, one that is sure to please all types of readers and listeners. I'm definitely getting this one for my home shelves!

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Abby said...

If Animals Kissed Good Night looks totally adorable... My library doesn't have it (yet!), but I'm ILLing it because it might be perfect for the stuffed animal sleepover I'm hosting in a couple weeks... Thanks for posting!