Saturday, May 10, 2008

Picture Book Saturday!!

It's time for another Picture Book Saturday folks! I have a few great choices here, ones I really enjoyed, so I hope you find at least one that you and your family will enjoy.

Rabbit & Squirrel: A Tale of War and Peas is written by Kara LaReau and illustrated by Scott Magoon. Both Rabbit and Squirrel love their separate gardens, until their vegetables begin disappearing. They instantly blame each other, without considering any other possible culprits and declare war on each other's gardens. Both Rabbit and Squirrel soon learn that jumping to conclusions is almost always a big mistake!

This was a really cute story, with a plot that kids are bound to enjoy. My only complaint about the book is the coloring of the illustrations being so dark. They are done in dark browns and greens and unfortunately, Squirrel looks more elephant-like than squirrel-like. Not a big enough issue to cause me to not enjoy the book. This would be a great story time choice as well.

The next book, 'Twas the Day Before Zoo Day, written by Catherine Ipcizade and illustrated by Ben Hodson, is a selection both my husband and I really enjoyed. To the tune of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, the reader gets to learn just how the zoo animals and their keepers get ready for the big day at the zoo. Unfortunately for the keepers, none of the animals want to cooperate, making for a very crazy day, filled with silly animal antics.

I read it out loud to the baby every few days and Aaron read it to my belly last night. The illustrations are adorable and the rhyming is perfect. I also really like how different activities are included in the back of the book, allowing the reader to do worksheets and puzzles on the different animal facts they learned throughout the story. It's a cute, educational selection that will definitely be kept on my shelves.

Finally, another book my husband has really enjoyed lately is author Frances Watts and illustrator David Legge's Kisses for Daddy. As a little bear is starting to get ready for bed, his dad wants a Big Bear kiss goodnight. The little bear refuses, so Daddy Bear begins suggesting other types of kisses, such as upside-down bat kisses, wiggly monkey kisses, and wet crocodile kisses. Though the little bear continues to refuse each kiss, it is apparent from the illustrations that he is very much enjoying his daddy's silliness.

I can definitely see this book being a lot of fun for kids and their parents to act out. Each different kiss is described and after reading the book I would suggest trying out the different kisses with your children. You'll end up in giggles! The illustrations are fabulous too...very detailed and vibrant. A great book overall!


Catherine Ipcizade said...

Hi there,

I wrote 'Twas the Day Before Zoo Day, and I'm thrilled you enjoyed it! Thanks so very much for your review!

Catherine Ipcizade

Ben Hodson said...

Hi Amanda,
Thanks for the great review! Illustrating 'Twas the Day Before Zoo Day was great fun and it's wonderful to read that others are having fun with it to!
All the best,