Thursday, May 8, 2008

Someday When My Cat Can Talk

This new book, written by Caroline Lazo and illustrated by Kyrsten Brooker, is adorable and a lot of fun to read out loud, not to mention educational. An excellent combination, in my picture book-loving opinion!

Told simply, through cute, rhyming text, we learn of a little girl's fantasies as to just what her cat does during the night while the girl sleeps. She dreams that the cat jets off to England and participates in Parisian fashion shows, among a myriad of other lovely adventures. On each page, the reader learns a bit about the country the cat visits and at the end of the book, the countries and their cultures mentioned in the text are explained a bit more in-depth.

Someday When My Cat Can Talk is just plain cute and the illustrations are absolutely lovely. I also loved the fact that each page taught a short country lesson, which of course your children will not even realize they are learning while you are reading this to them. A great choice for one on one or storytime. Loved it!

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