Friday, May 9, 2008

Tera's Dawn

Those who love horse stories (you know you are picturing a little girl or two) will enjoy Susan Schank's book about a wild, young horse that is determined to not be captured by rancher's, as her mother was long ago. All Tera wants is to be able to see her mother again, when the worst that could happen occurs and she is indeed captured. While in captivity, however, a wonderful thing happens and Tera is still able to make her dreams come true.

The book is a quick, heartwarming read that children will enjoy. They will root for Tera as she works hard at meeting her goals while living on a farm, rather than in the wild where she belongs. The illustrations, done by Denise Seah are beautiful as well, my only complaint being that the text is done in white and written in a cursive-like font, making it hard to read out loud in a flowing manner. Other than that, a very nice book for the young ones!

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