Sunday, June 15, 2008


In Itch by Michelle Kwasney, Delores, better known to her family and friends as "Itch," lives with her grandparents in Florida. Her mother took off when she was just a baby and she has lived with Gram and Gramps ever since. Itch likes her life in Florida, where Gramps teaches her about cars and she has a best friend that she gets along great with. When Gramps dies suddenly, her Gram moves them from Florida to Ohio to live in a trailer park next to Gram's sister. Everything in her life is changing and Itch isn't quite sure she likes it, no longer having her beloved Gramps or her best friend to help her through the days. That is until she meets Gwendolyn, a baton-twirling champion her age that Itch knows is destined to become her friend. Unfortunately, Gwendolyn is hiding a terrible secret, one that puts Itch in a precarious position once she learns of it. Together, the girls try to figure out a way to fix Gwendolyn's problem and still try to remain friends.

Itch moved at a bit too slow of a pace for my liking. With great characters and a well-developed plot, I enjoyed the story as a whole, but often had to put the book down to read something else, simply because the plot was moving too slow. However, it was still enjoyable and one that middle grade girls will most appreciate.

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