Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I loved this one! It was quite an unexpected love too, after reading the description I just didn't think it would be one to really grab me. I was completely wrong! If you or your teen is looking for an incredible page turner, this is definitely one to grab.

Madapple, written by Christina Meldrum, is unlike any book I have read before. Aslaug is a very unusual 15 year old, living with her mother in almost complete isolation. Her mother is very ill and relies only on plants to attempt to heal herself. She has taught Aslaug only about these plants and a realm of languages, nothing about life or skills that would help Aslaug in society onces her mother dies. When the inevitable does indeed happen, Aslaug is implicated in her mother's death, then in additional deaths as the story progresses. She goes to live with her estranged Aunt and cousins, attempting to fit in with a family she has never known, in a society she knows absolutely nothing about. Experiencing love for the first time, deceit, hurt, and heartbreak, Aslaug quickly learns that nothing is as it seems and trust is something to be earned, not given.

Told in chapters alternating between the past and Aslaug's current murder trial, readers will be flipping pages faster and faster as the book progresses. Completely unpredictable, you never know what will happen next and each chapter will leave you in awe. It's hard to write truly unique novels these days, but this one takes unique to a whole new level.

The intensity of the book may turn away some readers, as there is a lot of information on different plants, languages, and religions, but the depth pays off. I really loved this book and can definitely see it winning awards in the future.


Nicola said...

I loved this one too! It is so unique! And I agree, a total page-turner. I'm looking forward to more books from this author.

Lenore said...

Can't wait to get to this one - I will move it closer to the top of my TBR pile.