Monday, June 30, 2008

Non-Fiction Monday: Activity Books

It’s summer time and school is O-U-T! Lots of you are scrambling for things to fill your children’s time and these two titles are chock full of fun and educational activities for the boring afternoons that are inevitably coming as June moves into July.

Insectigations: 40 Hands-On Activities to Explore the Insect World,
written by Cindy Blobaum is perfect for encouraging your kids to spend some time outside and help them to learn as well. There are tips for catching bugs, making homes for them in terreriums (hope you don’t mind bugs as pets!), using different math techniques to measure the bugs, and all sorts of art activities. Lots of bug facts are also included on the pages, bound to gross out Mom, but totally intrigue the kiddies!

Rainy Day Play: Explore, Create, Discover, Pretend by Nancy F. Castaldo is a great way to entertain the younger kids on a day indoors. Focusing on the 3ish-7ish crowd this guide has art projects, songs, games, and other fun projects to keep smiles on those faces. I really liked the section on “Rainy Day Outdoor Play,” with activities kids can enjoy outdoors when it’s not raining too hard. Moms beware….Mud Pies are on the agenda!

Both of these titles are excellent when in need of entertaining bored kids. They can be used at home with just a few or with a group of kids in a storytime setting with a whole group. Great guides to keep handy!


NanC said...

Thanks for the mention of Rainy Day Play, Amanda! I mentioned the review on my blog, Naturally Speaking.

Book said...

Hi, thanks for the information. I've recently dsicovered Bayard's new selection of monthly books which are educational and fun and have activities to do! AdventureBoxBooks