Monday, June 2, 2008

Non-Fiction Monday: Dogs, Cats, and Bugs!

Three very different animal books to share today, each very cool in itself, but also part of three different series that will be assets to any home or library.

First, Florida Panthers: Struggle for Survival, written by William Caper, is part of the “America’s Animal Comebacks” series, published by Bearport Press. The series features eight additional titles, including those on Bald Eagles, Florida Manatees, and Southern Sea Otters. This particular title, on the panther, is definitely an eye-opener and one that would be great for just perusing or for report writing.

There is text on both each page, though written in fairly large letters, with vocabulary words bolded, making it quite easy to read. There is not an overload of information, which is nice, and beautiful photographs of panthers and their environments are showcased alongside the text. There are also small boxes with bits of trivia included, such as “the Florida Panther is the most endangered animal in the state.” A glossary and additional resource page are also included in the back of the book.

The next book, Dog Scouts of America, written by Shelley Bueche and Chris Puls, is part of the “Dog Heroes” series, published by Bearport Press. There are 14 additional titles in this series (which is very popular at our library), including books on sled dogs, Hollywood dogs, and water rescue dogs.

This titles allows the reader to “walk through” how a dog can actually become a Dog Scout of America, from the original decision as to which dog to train, the actual training involved, and then subsequent tasks the dog must perform once deemed a dog scout. There are great photographs, showing the different jobs the dogs perform, as well as a listing of common Dog Scout breeds, a vocab list, and an additional resource list. Kids love these books, not just because they are about dogs (always a popular topic), but because many don’t realize their dogs could actually work, just like people do.

The last title for this week is on one of my favorite bugs, the ladybug. Helpful Ladybugs, written by Molly Smith, is part of the “No Backbone! The World of Invertebrates” series, published by Bearport Press. There are 9 additional titles in this series (again, quite popular at our library), including titles on killer bees, cockroaches, and stink bugs.

Kids love bug books and this one is no exception. We get to learn all about a ladybug’s lifestyle through huge, gorgeous photographs, accompanied by short text and info bubbles. My favorite part of the book was the glossary, which is also filled with pictures. I’m just like the kids…a sucker for the pictures!

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