Saturday, June 14, 2008

Picture Book Saturday

I love sharing picture books, sometimes even more than I love sharing other books, just because I know the joy that can come out of reading a great book with your little one. My own son is still in his isolette at the hospital, but that hasn't stopped me from reading to him every day and seeing the difference the reading makes in his vital signs is an awesome gift! Here are three great books for story time with your little ones!

Arabella Miller's Tiny Caterpillar, is written and illustrated by Clare Jarrett and offers a wonderful look into the process of metamorphosis. When Arabella Miller finds a tiny caterpillar, she brings it home as her new friend. She feeds it lots of leaves and watches it get bigger and stronger every day. When her caterpillar friend disappears inside his chrysalis, Arabella misses him, but is astounded when he emerges as a beautiful butterfly.

The vibrant and bold illustrations accompany great rhyming text, perfect for kids who like to memorize cute books like this! There are a couple of iffy spots, where the rhyming is a bit forced, but the kids won't notice, just picky reviewers such as I! A very enjoyable read, especially great for summertime, when butterflies will be emerging all over the place.

Now we all now about my love of dogs and Bark Park, written and illustrated by Karen Ruelle, is a great supplement to my teeny obsession. Kids that love animals will get a kick out of this fun book that incorporates cheerful illustrations with great rhymes about all different kinds of dogs that can be found at a dog park. The premise is simple, but the book is adorable and one I've already read to my son. Gotta get him started on the dog loving early! The book can also be used as a tool to teach about different breed attributes.

The final selection for this week, is another great choice for summer, Going on a Journey to the Sea, written by Jane Barclay and illustrated by Doris Barrette. A young boy is very excited because he and his sister are on their way to the beach. First they must take the train, then a bus, and then ride bikes until they finally reach the sand and water they have been anticipating. The pair build sandcastles, eat yummy ice cream, and, of course, go swimming!

The rhymes are great, as are the beautiful "sea-like" watercolor illustrations. My only complaint about this book is that it appears the brother and sister are going on their journey to the sea all by themselves! No adult ever makes an appearance...a little strange, but I'm sure children won't notice that aspect. Overall, a very enjoyable and sweet summer story.

That's it for this week, more great picture books next week!

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