Saturday, June 21, 2008

Picture Book Saturday

Ooooh I'm on time this week. Amazing!

Can You Cuddle Like a Koala written and illustrated by John Butler, is simply adorable. I'm all about the simplicity, yet cuteness of having your child imitate the actions the animals do throughout the story. "Can you cuddle like a koala and hold on tight? Can you creep like a mouse in the pale moonlight?" The illustrations are soft, not too vibrant or bright. A perfect cuddling-up-before-bed book! My son already is having this read to him several times a week...and he's still in an incubator!

The Sea Serpent and Me, written by Dashka Slater and illustrated by Catia Chien, was another thoroughly enjoyable read. An itsy-bitsy sea serpent comes out of the spout while a little girl is in the bathtub and the pair instantly become friends. The girl promises to bring the serpent back to his home in the ocean as soon as it stops rainy, but as the rainy days continue, the pair becomes closer and don't want to be separated. They must decide what is best for the serpent, life with his new friend, or life at home.

This one was really cute and the pictures are adorable. Kids will love how the serpent keeps growing at a rapid pace...very funny!

Finally, Topsy-Turvy Bedtime is written by Joan Levine and illustrated by Tony Auth. I guarantee your children will love the premise of this book, where the children and the parents swap roles. Arathusela hates going to bed and when her parents give her the opportunity to play parent for the night and put them to bed, she jumps at it. She orders her parents to brush their teeth, right when their favorite show is starting, put on their pajamas and get in bed, far before they want to.

The story is hilarious and the illustrations are perfect, but beware, after reading this story to your kids, they are going to want to try the same experiment! Get ready for bed Mom and Dad!

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