Sunday, June 1, 2008

Picture Book...Uh...Sunday?

Yeah, so I'm late a day, but I do still have two picture book reviews for you all. Both books are published by Clarion and just came out in May, so you should have no problem finding them. Both are very cute and worth reading!

Frederick Finch, Loudmouth, written by Tess Weaver and illustrated by Debbie Tilley is an excellent choice for those parents wanting to explain to their children how to be their selves, no matter how unique they may be. Frederick is jealous of all of his family members, as each one is always able to bring home ribbons from the county fair, but he can't manage to win anything, even though he enters contest after contest. The only talent Frederick seems to have is being loud and absolutely no one appreciates that! When a contest becomes available that may just be perfect for Frederick he finds a way to be himself AND bring home a ribbon.

The illustrations accompanying the text are perfect, portraying the family members, and especially Frederick, in such a silly way that kids hearing the story will be giggling all over the place. When reading this, I didn't feel I did Frederick's loudness justice, but the kids still really enjoyed it!

The Boy Who Wouldn't Swim, written and illustrated by Deb Lucke, is an equally silly book that will be another hit at storytimes, especially this summer. Though it's ridiculously hot outside and his family spends every day, all day, at the local swimming pool, Eric refuses to swim. He won't sit in the water, walk in the water, or even take swimming lessons, though he'll watch his family and friends lounging in the cool water. Nothing can convince Eric to get in the water, not even his insane jealousy over his sister's perfect doggy-paddling. At the end of the summer, Eric finally decides to wade into the baby pool, where the water is up to his ankles and the babies give him dirty looks, finally convincing him to attempt the bigger pool.

The illustrations are perfectly goofy and the story is super silly. Perfect for storytimes and any other read aloud. The kids will be cheering for Eric by the end of the story, though laughing at him on every other page.

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