Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Summer of Cotton Candy

Debbie Viguie has written the first novel in a promising new Christian young adult series, entitled The Summer of Cotton Candy. Filled with all sorts of goodies teen girls will love, plus it has a very tasteful faith base.

Candace Thompson is being forced by her father to get a summer job and when she ends up as a cotton candy server at The Zone, a local amusement park, she knows her dreams of a great summer are completely dashed. Her new job cuts into all of her time, including time spent with her best friend, who begins to resent Candace’s new job, not to mention time at church. The Zone does have some perks however, including some romance, when Candace develops a crush on the mystery man with the great eyes, who just happens to be wearing a huge Lone Ranger costume.

Viguie has created a character that is very much like today’s Christian teen girls. Candace is interested in her social life and boys, but also bases her life and her daily decisions on God’s word. There are stumbles along the way, much like true life, but are eventually resolvable. The Summer of Cotton Candy is a super sweet start to the Sweet Seasons series


Charlotte said...

Hi Amanda,

Some of our teen patrons have asked for more Christian books, and this seems just the sort of thing they are looking for. I have booksale money buring a hole in my pocket, and so I'll add this to the list. I'm just a bit curious--does it indicate clearly on the cover/spine that it is Christian, so that they can actually find it once it's in the library?


Amanda said...


I had an ARC, which did not indicate a Christian genre, but being an advanced copy, my cover may not be the final cover. Your teens may like the True Colors series by Melody Carlson as well. Very similar, with a bit more serious tone.

Charlotte said...

Thanks Amanda!