Thursday, July 3, 2008

Audrey, Wait!

I cannot imagine anyone ever writing a song about me (though my husband sweetly tries when he’s had a few drinks), especially one that ends up on the radio, becoming an instant hit. That is the exact case with Audrey, the title character in Robin Benway’s Audrey, Wait!.

After Audrey breaks up with her wanna-be-rocker boyfriend, she feels guilty and agrees to go to one last gig, hearing a song he has obviously written about her.
The song is also heard by some important people in the music business and her ex’s band ends up getting a record deal. Their first radio single? “Audrey, Wait.” Audrey becomes the subject of constant paparazzi scrutiny, finding tabloids filled with lies and the repercussions become almost too much for her to handle. Being catapulted into an unwanted spotlight, Audrey must rely on her wonderful best friend and her fabulous sarcastic attitude to get through her new life as a public figure.

A very cute book, I do have to say that Audrey, Wait! is only appropriate for the older of young adults. Lots of language and talk of casual teen sex result in my recommending this only for that older age bracket. If your teens bring this home, you may want to flip through it first (or read it all the way through) to create an opinion for yourself. I enjoyed the writing and Audrey’s wit and sarcasm are spot on, I just wouldn’t feel comfortable with the younger crowd reading it.


Alea said...

I'm about halfway through writing my review for this book. It was really good! Probably my favorite teen fiction this year.

Lisa said...

I just posted my review of this one. I really loved it. I did think there was a lot of drinking, but not so much s-e-x. Regardless, it was really cute and I loved Audrey's voice.