Sunday, July 13, 2008

A must read dog book...

Everyone who loves dogs and especially those who believe they don't love dogs, needs to read this gem of a book. The Dogs Who Found Me: What I've Learned from Pets Who Were Left Behind, by the amazing Ken Foster, could quite possibly be a life changing book and one that truly everyone needs to pick up and read cover to cover.

I'm sure I've mentioned about a thousand times that I am dog obsessed and within my dog obsession, I have a pit bull breed obsession. My husband and I love the breed and advocate for them every chance we get, trying to make people understand that they are such lovable, smart, beautiful animals and that their bad rap is simply untrue. In his book, Ken Foster also forms a love for this breed, as well as pretty much any breed of dog that somehow ends up in his house. Foster adopts one dog, Brando, and that leads to him rescuing and helping a myriad of different dogs, all of which he comes to love in a different way.

The chapters are broken up into different dog's stories as to how they came to be part of Foster's life, with little lessons for dog owners along the way. I learned a lot about different rescue organizations and how they operate, including the tidbit about PETA wanting the pit bull breed to be eliminated altogether. PETA! Like this one, a lot of the facts presented in the book are not pleasant, but are a sad truth in our country. Foster brings to light the dogs who really have been left behind and the help that they need to be happy again.

I will rave about and recommend this title to everyone and I'm already on my way out the door to pick up Foster's other titles. I've never been one to look the other way when a stray dog needs my help, pulling over and putting a dog in my car when it's stranded on the side of the road or taking in the puppies that no one else wants until they have a forever home, but this book really made me want to do more and it will make you want to do more too. I cannot tell you how much I want to meet and take home the dog on the cover! SO SWEET! Please read Foster's book...and tell everyone you know to read it too!

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