Saturday, July 5, 2008

Picture Book Saturday

Author David Elliot and illustrator Holly Meade have created a simple book in On the Farm, about farm animals and their specific attributes. Each page focuses on the different animal, including a dog, a barn cat, a rooster, and a bunny, infusing simple, rhyming text with beautiful woodcut illustrations. I loved the simplicity and know kids will enjoy the different animals, easily involving themselves in making animal noises and talking about what role each takes on the farm.

Maisy’s Nature Walk: A Maisy First Science Book
, written by Lucy Cousins, is an adorable addition to the Maisy line of books. An interactive story, children can pull tabs, lift flaps, and find treasures all while enjoying their friend Maisy’s latest adventure.

In my experience, the more interactive a book, the more fun it is for a child. The bright colors of the illustrations are typical Maisy style and are just as successful in this book as in the others. This one will be checked out lots from the library, so go ahead and buy your own copy.

For the older kids (or a read aloud) The Apple-Pip Princess is an adorable new fairy tale, written and illustrated by Jane Ray. When the Queen of a kingdom dies, all the beauty, laughter, and happiness vanish. The King convinces his three daughters to come up with a way to restore the kingdom and make his people happy again. The daughter who succeeds will become heir to his throne and the new Queen. Two of his daughters are quite selfish and vain and only wish to gain the position of Queen. The third daughter, however, truly wishes to restore the kingdom to its original state and make the people laugh again. Unfortunately, her methods are much more subtle than her sisters, so much so that she is afraid her father will not notice effort.

This is a wonderful story for those little girls that love princess books. The illustrations are wonderful and the message is prominent. A great fairy tale!

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Juliann in WA said...

Thanks for the kid book reviews. I am a preschool teacher and I enjoy stopping by here to see what you have found.