Saturday, July 26, 2008

Picture Book Saturday

Well, my first selection for this weekend actually surprised me, hence my reason for including it. Trainstop by Barbara Lehman is a book without words…and we all know I don’t usually go for those…but this one was enjoyably unique. The story of a girl that gets on a train with her parents and gets off in a surreal land, was easy to follow and quite cute. The illustrations, also done by Lehman, are very simple, but convey the story perfectly. I would definitely use this one on one with a child, having them work out the story.

Next, Big and Bad, written and illustrated by Etienne Delessert is a reimagining of the famous Three Little Pigs tale. The big, bad wolf is running all over the countryside, eating every animal in sight, until the animals turn the tables on him, each trying to stop the wolf at his own game. Though a bit excessive in its violence, the story is still cute and the illustrations, done by the author, are beautiful.

Finally, my favorite of the week is Crocs! Written by David T. Greenberg and illustrated by Lynn Munsinger. This book was so much fun! Written in an adorable, rhyming manner, the reader will laugh out loud as crocodiles take over the life of a boy on a much needed vacation. So much for a vacation! The illustrations are a perfect match to the story and your little ones will be giggling at the silliness of the crocs and the great faces on the boy.

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