Monday, August 11, 2008

Non-Fiction Monday: Famous Firsts

Famous Firsts: The Trendsetters, Groundbreakers, & Risk-takers Who Got America Moving, written by Natalie Rompella, is perfect for those young kids that love almanac types books. This particular title, part of the “My America” non-fiction series, focuses on ten different sports, each somewhat unique, and each having been started in the United States.

The reader gets to learn about sports such as cheerleading (I’m a bit partial to that one myself), skateboarding, racing a sled dog, and snowboarding, among others, through photographs, text descriptions, trivia boxes, and sections for learning that particular sport’s “lingo.” The pages are bright and engaging, the information straight to the point, yet still interesting enough to hold a young one’s attention, and presented in the ever-popular almanac style.

It's really refreshing to see a book that focuses on sports that aren't often mentioned in the media today. Perfect timing with the Olympic Games going on! We see so much baseball and basketball, that things such as skateboarding and mountain climbing are overlooked. This would be a nice addition to school and public library shelves.

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