Monday, September 22, 2008

Non-Fiction Monday: First Dog!

First Dog Fala, written by Elizabeth Van Steenwky and illustrated by Michael G. Montgomery is a unique glance into the lives of one of America's most loved Presidents.

Fala was the little black dog of Franklin D. Roosevelt, who wormed her way into the hearts of everyone in the White House. Though the President was spending his days trying to fight a war and dealing with a debilitating illness, Fala was his constant companion, riding on his lap in his wheelchair and waiting outside the door of a conference room until he was finished with an important speech. When Fala passed away, the entire nation was in mourning, all having loved the President's sweet dog.

Not many books about the Presidents of our country are focused more on the pets, rather than the person. First Dog Fala would make a great source for a paper on President Roosevelt (for a younger individual obviously...don't use it for your thesis project)or just as a story to read to children, teaching them about FDR and animal love at the same time.

To purchase this book or to learn more, click on the book cover above. Thanks!

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