Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Review of the Day: Hell Week

Hell Week, book two in Rosemary Clement-Moore's "Maggie Quinn: Girl vs. Evil series, is loads of fun. Maggie signs up for her school's sorority rush only to write an insider's view of sororities for the college paper. When she actually gets chosen to be in the most exclusive sorority on campus, she's not only surprised, but thrilled that her stories for the paper will be even juicier. As expected, the girls if Sigma Alpha Xi are not thrilled with all of their secrets being told to the entire college campus and their reactions open Maggie's eyes to the true evil that is really going on in the house.

I haven't read the previous novel in this series, Prom Dates from Hell, but I was still able to follow and enjoy Hell Week. Though certainly not a great piece of literature, I was amused and entertained as I read about Maggie's escapades and feel teen girls will really like the characters and writing style. The cover is eye-catching as well, nice, bright pink, and the girls almost look as if they belong on the cover of a graphic novel. It works!

If you're interested in purchasing Hell Week or just want to read more about it, follow the link by clicking on the book cover above. Thanks!


Lenore said...

Prom Dates is on my wishlist - looks like a fun series.

Abby said...

I read Prom Dates last year and I'm in the middle of Hell Week right now (and loving it!). I love the sarcastic humor!

Charlotte said...

Hi Amanda,

I've given you an award!