Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Review of the Day: My Father's Son

What at thrill ride this book was! My Father's Son, written by Terri Fields, can be described as nothing but a great page turner, leaving the reader constantly eager to learn what happens next.

When Kevin sees his father's face on the news, being the main suspect in a gruesome murder case, he is absolutely shocked, devastated and convinced his father is innocent. Kevin's believes his dad would never lie to him and could never hurt someone in a small manner, let alone kill them! Determined to prove his dad's innocence, Kevin sets out to solve a mystery on his own, facing incredible obstacles at every turn, including his mom, the police, and his so-called friends at school.

If you have a reluctant teen reader, this book needs to be placed in their hands. I turned pages practically faster than I read, wanting to know what happened next as fast as humanly possible! The writing is basic and easy to read quickly, all the more reason for reluctant readers to enjoy this title, plus the characters feel realistic and the ending is simply perfect. I love when endings aren't quite tidy! My single critique is on the cover...a bit boring in my opinion, but still, My Father's Son is a definite recommendation.

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Liz said...

I am putting this on hold at the library immediately! It sounds so good.

Another page-turned -- and I see no reason why a teen wouldn't enjoy it, is Tsunami by Gordon Gumpertz. There's an undersea volcano that comes to life and which one female scientist is sure will trigger a monster tsunami. Of course, establishment forces disagree. This is tons of fun -- I was glued to it right to the last page.