Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Diamond of Darkhold

Really, who hasn’t been waiting for Jeanne DuPrau’s next Ember book? I know that teens at my library are just itching to find out what happens to Lina and Doon, and it was me, their lovely librarian, that got her hands on an ARC. Yippee!! Your wait is now over kiddos!

DuPrau’s fourth and last novel in the Ember series, The Diamond of Darkhold, picks up a few months after Lina, Doon, and most of the other Emberites escaped their underground city and took up residence with the people in the dying town of Sparks. It is now wintertime and the citizens are starving, freezing, and close to failing at their attempts to sustain their lives in Sparks. Lina and Doon get their hands on a strange book that appears to be written specifically for the people of Ember, though Doon has a difficult time deciphering what the author was trying to get across, resulting in his desire to return to Ember to find out what their future was supposed to hold before they joined Sparks. The pair believe that going back to Ember will lead them to a device that can save their new, dying city.

When Lina and Doon do venture back to Ember, what they find is completely unexpected and dangerous. In order to save their friends and family, they must first save themselves from circumstances possibly beyond their control.

A few new characters make their way into the ever exciting mix, as do all the favorites, in what turned out to be a pretty great adventure. The beginning moved slightly slower than I typically enjoy, but being a fourth book in a series a lot of back information was given for possible newcomers to the books. Lina and Doon are great together as characters and their reactions to their different situations are believable all the way through. DuPrau did a great job concluding her series and I’m looking forward to what she may have in store for her readers in her next work.

Don't forget the City of Ember movie comes out soon too! Super excited chick here!

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