Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween Books: Day 5, Monster Pop Ups

Jan Pienkowski has two monster related pop-up books out, perfect for this Halloween season. Though not fantastic reads in terms of text, the bright colors and fun monsters make these worth looking through with your kiddos!

Little Monsters and Dinner Time are each quite short, only a few pages, but each page includes a large pop-up of a yucky monster. In the first, we simply meet different types of monsters and in the second, a lot of um...eating....is going on. The colors are bold, bright, and eye catching, and kids will love looking at the pop-ups. Come on, who doesn't love pop-up books?!

My only slight recommendation is that the Dinner Time book may be a bit on the scary side for the really young ones, in terms of the text. The entire story is based on one animal eating another and though it doesn't actually show the process in the pop-ups, the smaller children may be a little freaked out at the idea of a gorilla getting eaten for dinner. Other than that, no warnings!

If you're interested in learning more about either title or to purchase, click on a book cover above to link to Amazon.

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