Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'm a Reader!!

I have been so bad at the last 2 Read-a-Thons I'm entered...the fact being that I never participated in either one. The first one I entered, I think last October, I ended up working that day and of course, reading at work is never a good idea (some people think that's all us librarians do) and the second one, back in April or May, I ended up in the hospital for something baby related. Probably blood pressure, that seemed to be my nemesis. THIS time around, I'm signed up and darn it, I'm reading!

I have a nice list of books I hope to get through, though I do have some house cleaning and shopping to do throughout the day, as we have a guest coming on Sunday. And I probably won't make it the full 24 hours...once I'm tired, looking at book pages just puts me to sleep faster. We'll see how I do!

I'll have my regular "Picture Book Saturday" post up tomorrow instead.

There's still time to sign up, so click on the button to head on over a put yer name on the list! Tons of prizes, lots of fun!

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Serena said...

I want to sign up for the read-a-thon, but I have obligations on that day, so I can't do it again! hopefully I can catch it the next round.