Monday, October 20, 2008


Nancy Werlin has created this novel that will take you on an incredible rollercoaster. Though infused with the supernatural, you certainly will not walk away from Impossible saying you just finished a fantasy novel. Instead, you get realistic characters and a beautifully emotional story.

Lucy Scarborough is seventeen and living with her loving, fabulous foster parents. She has always known that her mother went crazy when she was younger, bringing her into Leo and Soledad's home. Though sad and pained by her mother's state, Lucy is generally happy as to where her life has taken her, even with a few dramatic and unexpected visits from her birth mom. Up until this point, Lucy has been able to lead a fairly normal existence.


After a devastating prom evening, Lucy soon learns that she may just be following in her insane mother's footsteps, as she has become a pregnant teenager. Determined to keep the baby, but not to turn into her birth mom, Lucy researches her mother's life and finds letters and diary entries explaining about a curse that will hit every Scarborough woman when she reaches the age of 17. She will become pregnant and then go crazy.

Lucy sets off on an intense journey to discover the truth of this curse and whether she is destined to lose her mind as well. Wanting to keep her child safe from harm is Lucy's main objective, but deep down she also wishes to help her mother and ultimately, herself. She must follow the instructions and clues given to her by her birth mother, in order to break the curse on her life....if the curse is even real.

Werlin has blended, quite brilliantly, the power of a fantasy novel and a dramatic, emotionally ravaging tear-jerker. The character of Lucy was wonderfully done, as were that of Soledad and Leo. At times I felt Lucy's birth mom needed more of a physical role, as she was so often spoken of, but most of the time I felt good about her distance.

This will be a winner with teens, for sure! To learn more about Impossible or to purchase, click on the book cover above to link to Amazon.

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Serena said...

this looks like another good read. It's already on my TBR list at good reads.