Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Last Wild Place

What a touching read this was. The Last Wild Place, written by Rosa Jordan, is just one of those books that will touch your heart and make you want more from the author instantly. Love and wonder is shown in two very different aspects, human life and the environment, that turn out to not be that different after all.

Chip Martin is a pretty ordinary kid, except that his mom is now dating an old family friend and his best pal in the world will no longer speak to him. He begins to feel quite alone in his world, with the thoughts of moving in his head and his one friend gone. Chip begins exploring the marshes and woods behind a local abandoned farm, shocked to find a family of panthers that has been driven out of their home by a recent hurricane and constant land development. Forming almost a bond with the panthers, both being alone in the world and having to move from their home, Chip vows to protect them when a meat-packing plant decides to take the last bit of land they have left.

There is an intense feeling of love in this story, between Chip and the panthers, his family, his friends, and everyone in between. Even though Chip often feels alone in his little world, he soon discovers how many people are behind him and support him in everything he does. This is a great novel for middle graders or young adults and one that you may even want to read together.

If you want to learn more about this title or to purchase it, just click on the book cover above to link to Amazon.


Becky said...

Amanda, I have a quick question for this book part of a series? Just wondering? I picked up my copy of this one yesterday and looked at the other titles (listed) the author has written and began to wonder if this one was connected to the others. Do you know?

Amanda said...

I don't think it's part of a series... nothing led me to believe it was in the plot anyways. I think you'll enjoy it! :-)

Courtney said...

It actually is part of a series. Lost Goat Lane and The Goatnappers each focus on a different Martin kid. The books can stand alone, but the same cast of characters pop up in each book.