Monday, October 20, 2008

Non-Fiction Monday: Lifeline Biographies

I'm a big fan of biographies, especially those geared towards kids, but I haven't highlighted many on this blog. I figured for this Non-Fiction Monday it would be nice to feature a series I enjoy, from a genre I don't normally post on. Hopefully you enjoy!

"The USA Today Lifeline Biography" series is a very modern and contemporary way of presenting information to kids about influential people in today's society. A lot of biographies are dry, filled with lots of words and facts, but not a lot of really interesting material, but these are truly great books. Each title features a different person, facts about their early life through the present, timelines, websites, newspaper headlines, and awesome photographs. The text is written in a light and easy to read manner. The books I've reviewed, on Bill Gates, Oprah, Tiger Woods, and Vera Wang are all very contemporary and contain information that kids will find relevant to today. Definitely a plus for a biography!

As a librarian, I can tell you that kids are sick of doing reports on the same people all the time. Having new and fresh titles on people like these 4 will encourage kids to pick them up and use them. I think it's a winning series and would be great for any library.

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