Saturday, October 4, 2008

Picture Book Saturday!

I've got 4 fantastic books for you this Saturday! Hopefully you'll find something you like!

Peg Leg Peke, written and illustrated by Brie Spangler is perfect for all fans of Mo Willems. Very Pigeon-esque, I must say. Peke is a Pekingese puppy that has broken his leg and to take his mind off his boo-boo begins imagining himself as a pirate with a peg-leg, on an adventure to find treasure. The humor is somewhat sarcastic, thus the Willems reference and I just loved reading this one aloud to my son. Every day my husband would read this to Jacob and it was the only book that the baby completely paid attention to. Daddy made funny voices and Jacob just loved that. I nominated this one for a Cybil in the Fiction Picture Book category. It was my favorite of this year!

The Story Blanket, written by Ferida Wolff and Harriet May Savitz, illustrated by Elena Odriozola is a sweet story, great for cuddling up and reading one on one. Within a small village, there is one woman the children all flock to see. Babba Zarrah will tell long, amazing tales to the children, allowing them to sit on her big story blanket while she tells these tales. One afternoon she notices that a child is badly in need of new socks, but Babba Zarrah is a poor woman and has no yarn to make them from. She uses yarn from the story blanket to make the child, and eventually many of the people in the village, warm clothing items, leaving her with nothing but a teeny square of the story blanket left. When the villagers realize Babba Zarrah has given up her entire story blanket to make them warmer, they decide to help her out a bit too.

The Bedtime Train, written by Joy Cowley and illustrated by Jamison Odone is a bedtime adventure! Each night, when a young boy has a hard time falling asleep, Brad (which sounds a bit like....Dad), the engineer of the bedtime train shows up in the boy's room, ready to transport him to a wonderland. The train goes by dinosaurs, alligators, penguins, over bridges and lakes. By the time the train ride is complete, the boy is sound asleep.

I love bedtime books and this one was quite good. The illustrations weren't as amazing as I think they could have been with a story like this, but they were certainly beautiful! A bit muted, but still beautiful!

My last choice of the week, The Life of a Car, written and illustrated by Susan Steggall, is great for those kids that just love to stare at bright colors. The text is simple, each page describing a different event in the life of a car (building, delivering, selling, and so on), but the bold, bright illustrations are what will really attract the audience. Infants and toddlers alike will enjoy looking from page to page as bright reds, yellows, blues, and greens stand out on each page.

If you would like to learn more about any of these books or would like to purchase any of them, just click on the book covers to link to Amazon.

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Lisa said...

How old of a child do you think would enjoy the Peg Leg Peke? The Pirate, as you may can tell by his name, really enjoys pirate stories.

Amanda said...

Anywhere from infant and up I would say. We read it to a newborn and as long as you do voices, even he would pay attention! It's a very cute book!