Saturday, October 11, 2008

Picture Book Saturday!

I have four, titles for you this Saturday! Hopefully you'll find something to enjoy with your little ones!

The Nine Lives of Dudley Dog written and illustrated by Don and Ann Hassett is really adorable. When a little girl wishes for a cat, but gets Dudley the dog instead, she knows there is bound to be trouble. Dudley believes he has nine lives, much like a cat is believed to have, and thus gets himself into all sorts of scraps and accidents. He almost gets run over by cars, runs into burning buildings, and chases skunks.

The illustrations are cute and fit well with the story and your kids will be giggling at Dudley the whole way!

Kiss! Kiss! Yuck! Yuck! written by Kyle Mewburn and illustrated by Ali Teo and John O'Reilly is another cute and giggle worthy story. Andy's Aunt Edna is always delighted to see him, but he's never happy to see her, as she does nothing but smother him in kisses! Andy always runs, but Aunt Edna finds someway to get him out in the open, the perfect target for lipsticky smooches and smooshy hugs. When Aunt Edna doesn't show up one weekend, Andy is, at first, thrilled he doesn't have to run and hide from kisses, but soon realizes he may miss those kisses more than he thought!

The illustrations in this title are the best part. They are done in a manner much like comics with bright, bold, eye-catching pages. Another one kids will be giggling at the whole way through! Not to mention we probably all have an Aunt Edna somewhere out there!

Puppies on Board, written by Sarah N. Harvey and illustrated by Rose Cowles is the story of eleven cute puppies and their quest for a home. When Mollie's dog has the eleven puppies on her family's boat, there are entirely too many puppies on board! Mollie invites all of her very different friends to a tea party, hoping to find homes for all of the very different puppies.

The story is cute (and about dogs...yay!) and the illustrations go nicely with the story. Any child that loves dogs will love this one!

Finally, our last book for this week is The Pencil written by Allan Ahlberg and illustrated by Bruce Ingman. I know there are a lot of fans of Ahlberg's out there and this book definitely does justice to his talent. A lonely pencil decides to draw himself a friend and from there, the adventure only gets better, especially once a paintbrush comes into the picture and then... an eraser.

Kids will love the concept of this book and will be anxious to draw their own story once you've finished reading.

If you're interested in any of these titles and want to learn more or to purchase any of them, click on a book cover above to link to Amazon.


Cheryl said...

I love the sound of The Pencil. I always find a book I want to go look up after reading your blog.

Amanda said...

Well that makes me very happy, Cheryl! The whole point of me even taking the time to write out posts is in hopes that someone will find something they want to read. Thanks for making me smile!