Friday, October 17, 2008

Picture Book...Friday!

I'm participating in the 24 Hour Read-A-Thon tomorrow and so instead of a Picture Book Saturday, we're having a Picture Book Friday this week! Here's this week's great titles:

Wabi Sabi, written by Mark Reibstein and illustrated by Ed Young, is definitely one of the more unique books I've read this year. The story is based on a cat from Japan, Wabi Sabi, that wants to know what her name means and where it comes from, setting off on an adventure to find her answers. The book is written partially in haiku, in a traditional vertical style, and the art is amazing. I couldn't even begin to tell you how the illustrator created his pictures, but their phenomenal. A lovely edition to the book is the inclusion of some Japanese translations in the back.

Wabi Sabi could be used in classrooms for Japan units or just as a cute one-on-one story. Very enjoyable!

The Wheat Doll, written by Alison L. Randall and illustrated by Bill Farnsworth is based ona real little girl named Mary Ann that creates her prized doll out of wheat, being that her farming family does not have money for a store bought doll. When a tornado comes and Mary Ann leaves her beloved doll outside and the doll is lost, she's devastated, but after some time passes and her doll shows up in an unexpected place, Mary Ann is both surprised and thrilled.

Another sweet story for some one-on-one reading time. I can see my younger nieces getting a kick out of this story, which is based on a real girl. More information on Mary Ann is found in the back of the book. The illustrations in this title were beautiful and appeared almost like oil paintings. This one will be a Christmas gift for a few little ones for sure!

Finally, my cute one for the week, Big Little Monkey, written by Carole Lexa Schaefer and illustrated by Pierre Pratt, is a great for your little toddlers. When Little Monkey wakes up early and wants to play, his family tells him to go back to sleep! Instead, Little Monkey sets out on an adventure to find someone else to play with. He proves to his family just how big and brave he has gotten by playing with all sorts of new and different animals.

Cute, whimsical, and silly, Little Monkey is sure to be a pleaser for your little monkeys!

To learn more about any of these titles or to purchase, click on the book covers above.

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I just love the cover of Wabi Sabi!