Saturday, October 18, 2008

Read-A-Thon: Update

I'm now realizing just how hard it is for me to sit still and just read! For the last three hours I've done my best to only read my books, but unfortunately the duties of a host interfere. We're having a guest tomorrow and thus I've gotten up to dust the living room and sweep the kitchen. Hopefully the husband will do the mopping...

Start time: 7:50am
Time now: 10:30am
Pages read: 319
Books completed: 2.25
Mini-Challenges completed: 2 (Intro meme, free rice challenge)

The Unspoken by Thomas Fahy
Perch, Mrs. Sackets, and Crow's Nest by Karen Pavlicin
part of Bog Child by Siobhan Dowd


shelburns said...

Don't feel bad, I had trouble getting started because I had to help hubby with things around here. I keep stopping to blog hop also.

Nise' said...

Have your husband read aloud while you do chores or better yet ask him to do them for you! Happy Reading!

jessi said...

You're doing a great job! I'm trying to divide my time equally between reading and blog-hopping, but some hours it's easier than others. :) Happy reading!

SJ said...

You're doing great! I get distracted easily by what I "need" to get done.

Keep it up!


Bybee said...

I'm taking a break from reading for the middle part of the Readathon and doing cheerleading. Are all those titles you listed Children's Lit or YA Lit? This is one area I wish I was still well-read in.

Amanda said...

I've read a bit of both Bybee. The Unspoken is YA, the rest middle grade fiction. Bog Child is YA too...and I just picked an adult book back up that I put down last week.