Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Comeback Season

Ryan is a freshman in high school and it's been over five years since her father passed away in an accident, though Ryan still feels freshly wounded from his death. When her dad was alive, their favorite past time was to attend Cubs games together at Wrigley Field and though her mother tried taking Ryan and her younger sister to a couple of games after the accident, it just wasn't the same and Ryan hasn't been to a game since.

On the fifth anniversary of her dad's death, Ryan finds herself taking the subway to Wrigley Field, determined to get into the game, though she knows she'll feel only disappointment, both in the Cubs and their repetitive losing and in the fact that her father won't be with her. Ryan does, however, find herself running into a boy she knows from school, Nick, who although she never thought she would ever be friends with, finds herself forming this incredible bond with.

Ryan and Nick's friendship continues to grow and strengthen, giving Ryan hope in life again...and even the Cubs start to play better. When even another tragedy throws itself in the mix, testing Ryan's newfound faith in life, she attempts to handle it better than she handles her father's death and shows just what a strong and wonderful girl she really is.

I really enjoyed this read, even though I'm not really a baseball fan in the least! I feel Jennifer E. Smith got the feelings and emotions of her characters spot on, especially those of Ryan. I also lost my father when I was nine and I remember feeling exactly as Smith describes Ryan feeling; lost, alone, disappointed constantly, even five years later. She definitely knew what she was doing when she wrote these kids. Very impressive!

Written for teens, adults can definitely enjoy The Comeback Season too! To learn more or to purchase, click on the book cover above to link to Amazon.

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Bookish Ruth said...

I think I would like this one. I love baseball and also lost my dad at the same age. He was a huge baseball fan, it's how I came to love the game. I thought about him a lot last month when the Phillies won the World Series.

Thanks for the review.