Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fact of Life #31

I don't usually enjoy surprises....unless it's the surprise of loving a book I never really thought I would enjoy! Fact of Life #31, written by Denise Vega definitely had the teen romance vibe going on it's book flap description, but romance is so low on the totem pole of content, it may even be labeled as "subtle." Imagine that!

Kat's mom is the infamous home-birth midwife that goes only by the name of Abra. Abra, no-last name, best midwife in the state. Kat certainly admires her mother, but she doesn't understand why this woman who allows strangers to confide in her, can't make her own daughter feel comfortable enough to share any aspect of her personal life.

Her forever-crush on super-popular Manny Cruz is one part of her social life she would life to share with her mom...like how Manny might even really like her. HER. Kat. Not necessarily a nobody, but definitely considered the weird girl, due to her yoga-in-the-hall sessions. Certainly not Manny Cruz material.

And then, what about her desires to really connect with the women that come into her mom's clinic? Why does her mom have to screw those up too? Kat knows she's a klutz and she knows her self-esteem could use a slight boost, but these women actually LIKE her. Why doesn't her mom see that? Why does she just want her to be the office girl and nothing else?

Poor Kat has a lot of different issues showing up at once, all jumbling in her head and confusing her more than ever. Does Manny like her or doesn't she? Can she be confident in the midwifery field or can't she? Will the most popular girl at school ever notice she's alive or won't she. Will her mom ever be her friend or won't she. As Kat learns the Facts of Life, you will laugh hysterically and often cringe at the pain the poor girl faces. She gets herself into some interesting situations, but seems to find a creative and funny way out of each.

I really enjoyed this title and almost wish the publisher would re-work the jacket flap description...it really turned me off at first, but once I hit page 2, I was hooked. Denise Vega has a talent for channeling a teen girl in her most vulnerable state, but still infuses strength and heart into the character. Loved it.

If you're interested in learning more about Fact of Life #31 or to purchase, click on the book cover above to link to Amazon.

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