Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Fortunes of Indigo Skye

This is Deb Caletti's fifth novel for young adults, but only the first I've read all the way through. I tried last year to read The Nature of Jade, but for some reason, it just didn't grab me at the time...I know, I know, I must go back to it...a lot of you really liked it and now, after finishing The Fortunes of Indigo Skye, I'm totally sold!

Indigo Skye not only has a slightly um....interesting name, she has an interesting and unique life. While finishing up her senior year of high school, she's dating a former addict, turned super-cool guy and she's a waitress at a small diner, where she loves, loves, loves her regulars and of course, her quirky bunch of co-workers. Indigo isn't planning to head to college after high school, a fact that is actually somewhat alright with her mom (a point you don't often get in books) and really just enjoys living her life in the moment. When a new customer leaves her an extra special tip after his meal, a 2.5 million dollar tip to be exact, all of those "living in the moment" aspects of life Indigo loves so much go out the window. Determined to not be one of those people that is instantly changed by money, Indigo wants to give the money back to the customer, but her family and boyfriend have already started spending it for her.

My poor husband wanted to kick me out of bed last night, as I was keeping him up with my constant chuckling while reading this. I flagged so many great passages, but these are a few of my favorites:

When talking about why she loves waitressing, Indigo says this:
"See, I loved being a waitress more than anything, but apparently, it's ok to work as a waitress, but not to be a waitress. To most people, saying you want to be a waitress is like saying your dream is to be a Walgreens clerk, ringing up spearmint gum and Halloween candy and condoms, which just proves that most people miss the point about most things most of the time. Waitressing is a talent-it's about giving nourishment, creating relationships, not just about bring the ketchup (3)."

When talking about her cat, Indigo describes him like this:
"Freud has some psychological issues-he's slightly sadistic and a merciless hunter. He once sat in a tree swiping at the air in the direction of a squirrel, his focus that of a hired killer, totally oblivious to the snow that was blowing around like mad and accumulating steadily on his fur like a layer of meringue. He brings you the heads of rodents and birds, lays them down in the kitchen or on your bedroom carpet. He should have been in the Mafia (21)."
When describing how she wanted to help one of her regulars feel better, she says:
"I put in Nick's order without asking him, add an order of toast that I'll take from my tips, or rather, tip, if necessary. I want him to have something to crunch, rather than just swallow down. You are not completely helpless if you can crunch. I also ask for a hot chocolate with whipped cream, because whipped cream can remind you why it's good to be alive (113)."

Finally, my favorite:
"I hate presumptuous, overachieving appliances. Toilets that flush before you're ready; automatic. attacking seatbelts; refrigerators that beep when the door is open too long. Melanie has on of those. For God's sake, it makes me feel like my inability to decide is a criminal act. To all the pushy appliances out there, back off (130)."
I really couldn't put this one down, for both a great plot and hilarious dialog. I loved it. I cannot recommend this enough and am SO excited I've found yet another wonderful teen novel to rave about! I'll definitely be putting Deb Caletti high on my list of must-read authors. I have some catching up to do...

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Abby said...

Thanks for the great review, Amanda! I've been eyeing this one and I'll definitely pick it up.

Chain Reader said...

This sounds really good--my 14 year-old and I will have to try it.

Kerry said...

This sounds like a lot of fun. I love the pieces you quoted.