Monday, November 17, 2008

Non-Fiction Monday: Gone Fishing

David McLimans, fabulous author of the Caldecott Honor book Gone Wild: An Endangered Animal Alphabet has created a very cool new work entitled Gone Fishing: Ocean Life by the Numbers. In the same style as Gone Wild, Gone Fishing is wonderfully creative, beautifully (and uniquely) illustrated and gives great information.

Done completely in bold blue, black, and white, each page consists of a single number counting up from 1-10 and then counting back down again from 10-1. The number is shaped like the animal the page is describing and includes information on its class, habitat, aquatic region, threats, and status on the endangered animals list. My favorite numbers were 8 (counting up) which was the Blue-Ringed Octopus and 5 (counting down) which was the Sloane's Viperfish, the illustrations were so cool!

All of the animals are unique and often were ones I had never heard of. Besides the two I previously described, the reader gets to learn about the Oarfish, the Tiger Tail Sea Horse, the Giant Tube Worm, and lots more. There is also an expansion paragraph on each animal in the back of the book, allowing a more in-depth look at different characteristics. The author also includes some general ocean facts, which are unique in themselves. For example, I never knew that it takes "about 1,000 years for a mass of seawater to make a complete lap around the globe." Again, very cool!

Though I don't think I enjoyed this one quite as much as I did Gone Wild, I was still incredibly impressed at McLimans ability to take ocean animals and shape them into numbers, all while giving the reader a lesson on this unique part of our world. Oh and I love the manner in which he used only three colors for the entire book. The end result was very striking!

I definitely recommend this title for all library collections. If you're interested in learning more or to purchase this title, click on the book cover to link to Amazon.

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Abby said...

We always get a lot of requests for books on ocean animals... We have this one on order and I'll make sure to check it out when we get it in. Thanks for posting!