Saturday, November 8, 2008

Picture Book Saturday: Fairy Tales

For this week's Picture Book Saturday, I have a couple of newly released editions of wonderful, old, fairy tales. I love seeing the new illustrations different authors bring to these timeless stories, and trust me, these titles will be great as Christmas gifts. Each has something special about it that brings a freshness to the tales we have all heard since we were kids ourselves and each is filled with beautiful illustrations that only emphasize the magical nature of the stories. Enjoy!

Cinderella, retold by Max Eilenberg and illustrated by Niamh Sharkey is a PERFECT gift book for those little girls that just love all things princess. The story stays true to the tale we all know (sad girl, evil stepmother/sisters, a ball, a slipper, a prince, a happy-ever-after), but the illustrations really make the book special. The cover has beautiful, sparkly stars and a gown, and pure "girl" written all over it, and the pages within the book are filled with beautiful pinks, purples, and blues, spattered with hearts, stars, and little swirly things as accents, and just plain girlicious. And yes, with this book, girlicious IS a word. Loved it!

Hansel and Gretel is retold by the wonderful, Michael Morpurgo and illustrated by Emma Chichester Clark. This one is a bit long in the text (almost taking it out of the picture book realm), but also stays true to the story we all know and love. Morpurgo really draws on the idea of hope and courage within the story, making it much more than a simple fairy tale. The cover is wonderful (glitter lovers anyone??) and the illustrations are great and remind me of something I cannot quite pinpoint. The style is very similar to something I've seen before, but I can't figure out what it is! If you read the book and know what I'm talking about, please fill me in!

** Parents, just remember, in Hansel and Gretel there may be some slightly scary moments, if reading to a younger child. The witch in the forest does want to eat them....

If you're interested in learning more about either book, or to purchase, click on either book cover to link to Amazon.

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Kelly said...

I saw the Hansel and Gretal last week in a bookshop and fell in love with it, after your comments I might have to go back and buy it!