Saturday, November 15, 2008

Picture Book Saturday!

Four great picture book choices for you guys today, all of which I've really enjoyed in the last week. No theme for this Saturday, just some cute books!

Art's Supplies, written and illustrated by Chris Tougas is very amusing and filled with bright and bold colors. Poor Art's room has been taken over by his supplies when his sketch pad decided to have a party. Felt pens, squirty ink, lots of glue, and crazy paint all showed up to the party, creating quite the mess in Art's room. It wasn't his fault though. It was the supplies!!

Definitely not the best writing I've ever seen, but Art's Supplies is definitely funny and I think kids will enjoy the antics of all the art supplies. The glue bottles were hilarious! Most certainly a book to inspire creativity. Ask your kids to have their own "supply" party with their own art supplies. Just keep the mess to a minimum...supervision is key!

The Nice Book, written and illustrated by the ever-popular David Ezra Stein, is one of those cute, adorable, lovable books that the littlest ones are going to really love. The very vintage-look illustrations add to the text about cuddling, nuzzling, giggling, and not tickling (well...maybe a little tickling). Very sweet and kind words are written, instructing the reader to do good for others. "Sing a song to someone, or sing to yourself" and "If you have more than you need, share" are just some examples of how to be "Nice."

Short, sweet, and to the point, The Nice Book would be great as a one on one sharing title.

Cherry and Olive, written and illustrated by Benjamin Lacombe has some fantastic and detailed illustrations and the little girl, Cherry, definitely reminds me of my younger self. She prefers reading to playing with other kids, she gets made fun of for being a bit on the rounder side, and she's shy. When Cherry discovers a special dog in the animal shelter her father runs, also shy and unique, they instantly become best friends and that friendship results in Cherry learning a bit more about herself and her ability to have courage when needed.

Again, illustrations....fabulous! The plot was sweet and of course, we all know how I feel about shelter dogs, so I'm definitely recommending this one! Great for one on one, probably not the most exciting for reading aloud. I enjoyed it very much.

Finally, another magnificent book in the illustration department is Moonpowder, written and illustrated by John Rocco. This one may just have the best illustrations I've seen this year...simply amazing! Though the storyline was quite unique, if not a bit strange, in the fact that a Moonpowder factory wasn't operating correctly and they needed the help of Eli Treebuckle, the "fixer of all things fixable" to come save the day. Eli truly wants to help and is also hoping that the nightmares that plague his sleep every night will disappear in the process. As I said, unique, maybe a bit strange, but definitely enjoyable.

The illustrations truly make Moonpowder a winner, you must go turn the pages of this book! The moon Rocco has created is absolutely beautiful and amazing.

That's it for this week folks! If you're interested in learning more about any of the titles or to purchase, click on any of the book covers to link to Amazon. Enjoy your weekend!

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