Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cute picture books for Wednesday...

Trudy, written and illustrated by Henry Cole is one of those adorable, heartwarming stories that's perfect for cuddling up and reading with your little ones on these oh-so-wintry days. Your kids will love Esme, the sweet little girl who is promised an animal at the county auction by her grandfather. After looking at many different types of animals, Esme falls in love with Trudy, an adorable goat that is the just the perfect pet for a little girl! After getting Trudy home, Esme and her family soon start to believe there just may be something wrong with the goat, as she doesn't want to come out of her bed, preferring to stay warm and comfy inside the straw. After several weeks, Trudy gives quite the surprise to Esme, one that little kids are just going to love!

Though the picture book is going to be considered incredibly predictable to any adult, the storyline is perfectly surprising to little ones and makes for a great one-on-one book, as well as a nice winter read aloud. I would consider it a great addition to any collection.

For a selection that's a bit more funny, The Princess Who Had Almost Everything, written by Mireille Levert and illustrated by Josee Masse is a great choice. We meet Princess Alicia in all her greediness, a child that wants more and more and more, never being satisfied with what she has. She wants a bigger castle, more dessert, and lots of beautiful shoes, but once she has all of these things, she's still bored and bratty. When a very special boy visits Princess Alicia, wanting to court her, but not having many worldy goods, the Princess initially thinks only of turning him away, until he teaches her a special art and convinces her that making her own fun is the perfect way to always insure one's happiness.

The illustrations in this very girly book are fabulous....really...very good, and though the story is a bit messagy, kids are still going to enjoy the book overall. It's one of those that is just bound to be successful with it's huge infusion of all things Princess.


Corey Schwartz said...

Oh, I've seen a lot of books illustrated by Henry Cole, but I didn't know he also authored some.

Melanie said...

Both are really nice books!! I love them!!