Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Every Soul a Star

I LOVED this book! Wendy Mass has this wonderful way of bringing out every single emotion a reader could possibly have, all with one book. Quite the talent that lady possesses! From the cover to the storyline to the characters to the ending, Every Soul a Star had me hooked from the very beginning and loving every minute of time I spent with it in my hands. It's intelligent, realistic, and has such a unique subject at its center, you can't help but love it.

At a campground called Moon Shadow, three middle schoolers, Ally, Jack, and Bree collide into each others life. Ally and her family live at the campground and run the place, all of them very excited for the eclipse event that's bringing thousands of people streaming into the camp. Having spent almost all her life at the campground, being homeschooled and really connecting with nature, Ally loves her home and is ready to show it off to so many people.

One of those eclipse chasers is Jack, a chunky, nerdy kid that hasn't really done anything exciting with his life until his science teacher convinces him to chase the eclipse with a senior group. Though unsure and a tad bit nervous, Jack agrees and heads out to Moon Shadow, trying to gain confidence in himself along the way.

Our final player is Bree, prissy, popular girl from the Suburbs whose lives revolves around her dream of becoming a model. Her parents are dragging her to Moon Shadow campground for reasons that she simply cannot believe. And those reasons are going to change her life, Jack's life, and Ally's life.

As I mentioned, Every Soul a Star takes you on quite the emotional ride. You'll laugh, be a bit sad, and cheer on each of the three main characters individually and together. Wendy Mass really gets middle grade readers, making this a great choice for library collections or, of course, for your own readers!

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Staci said...

This sounds fantastic! As soon as I get back to school I'm adding it to my last book order!! Thanks for the review!

Tricia said...

I just linked to your review on my blog. I liked it too!