Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hanukkah Books

Since Hanukkah has begun, I thought it was time to do a post about some new books out this year on the holiday. Both are non-fiction and offer a plethora of information on traditions and meaning of Hanukkah, in a simplified enough manner for the young ones to understand. That scores points in my book!

Celebrate Hanukkah with Light, Latkes, and Dreidels is part of National Geographics "Holidays Around the World" series. A GREAT series for libraries to have on their shelves. Written by Deborah Heiligman, the reader gets a basic lesson on Hanukkah through brilliant photographs and text explaining how the holiday started, what the nine candles in a menorah represent, why latkes became an important part of Hanukkah traditions, and just what the letters on the side of true dreidels mean.

The book also includes a glossary, a "more facts about Hanukkah" section, instructions on playing the dreidel game, and links to find out more about the Jewish holiday. Again, the photographs really steal the show, but would you think anything less of a National Geographic book?

Harvest of Light, written by Allison Ofanansky and photographed by Eliyahu Alpern takes the approach of a story of a girl, ready to celebrate Hanukkah. The photographs and text portray the girl taking the necessary steps to prepare for the beginning of the celebration, mainly picking the olives that will be made into the oil lots of Jewish celebrants need for cooking, eating, and lighting of the menorah during the Hanukkah holiday.

Though more a book on the process of olive oil making, Harvest of Light lends valuable information as to why oil is so important during Hanukkah and the intense care that goes into producing it. The photos are beautiful and the book a definite plus to a collection.

If you're interested in learning more or to purchase, click on the book covers above to link to Amazon.


bookoholic said...

Both of those are really great!!

Serena said...

Looks like some great books for the Hanukkah holiday!