Monday, December 29, 2008

The Opposite of Invisible

I have such passion for this little novel! When I complete a book and it actually results in me wanting to stand up and DO something, that's a good book and with The Opposite of Invisible by Liz Gallagher, that "thing" was glass blowing. I SO want to learn how to do the amazing art that gets so much attention in the book. Pick it'll see what I mean by the end.

Alice has been best friends with Jewel since they were little kids. They do everything together and are really able to be themselves in front of each other, sharing the art they both love, a passion for great coffee, and Indie shows. Both are perfectly fine with just each other and not being a part of the popular crowd. Until the day that Alice and Jewel share their first kiss AND Alice gets asked out by Simon, one of the popular guys. Alice starts to feel a pull towards Simon, yearning for something different and new, unfortunately, leaving Jewel behind.

As both Alice and Jewel explore new and incredibly different aspects of life, both with relationships, friendships, and art, each starts to grow more towards each other, whether either wants to acknowledge it.

What I really loved about this (besides the glass blowing) was how real Alice was. I could really be best friends with her, walking down the streets of Seattle, going to art shows and drinking awesome coffee. I also had great vibes towards both Jewel and Simon. Simon was never portrayed as the guy that came to steal the girl away and Jewel wasn't shown as the jealous best friend. Both seemed as if they were genuine and just plain nice!

The writing is fabulous and the realistic feel to the characters and setting are beautifully done. I felt pure happiness as I closed the cover on this book and had to just sit back and think about it for awhile. Liz Gallagher really did a great job at connecting with teens on this one.

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Becky said...

I loved this one as well!

Serena said...

I have to put this on the TBR list. Thanks for the recommendation. I went to a glass blowing shop in Colorado a few years ago and they did little demonstrations in the back room. It was great fun.

I'll have to read this blowing is fascinating.

Amanda said...

Yes, Serena, Read IT!!!! It's so good!