Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Paper Towns

John Green and I had a slightly tumultuous relationship after I read Looking for Alaska. Many of my blogger friends absolutely loved the book and I simply didn't "get" it, therefore leaving me mentally arguing with Mr. Green as to why I was the only one missing something. Well. Both Mr. Green and myself have been redeemed after reading his latest, Paper Towns. I get it, I love it, and I'm not alone! The characters and the premise are just brilliant and I now have joined the love affair of John Green's young adult books. Finally!

Quentin and Margo are neighbors. They used to be best friends, but then Margo became one of
those unattainable popular girls and Quentin just stayed his same old self, not popular, but not really disliked either. Right before graduation, Margo appears in the window of Quentin's bedroom, late at night, insisting he take her on an all night adventure, filled with sneakiness, pranks, and a little destruction of property.

As fast as Margo reentered Quentin's life, she disappears and when no one can be bothered enough to look for her, believing she'll come back on her own time, Quentin takes the search into his own hands, following clues he believes Margo left for him. With the addition of Quentin's hilarious sidekick, Radar, the boys follow each clue and end up on an intense road trip, making friends they never thought they would have.

Though Margo was a bit irritating at times (she is incredibly self centered), I loved Paper Towns. Quentin was a great main character and Radar made for an awesome friend. The plot was unique and the infused mystery of where Margo could be definitely made this much more of a page turner than Green's previous novels. Her clues were incredibly well thought out...very impressive....and the lack of care on her parent's part was made to be very realistic feeling. I really enjoyed this one.

When purchasing the book, you get a cool choice of two covers. One has Margo smirking and the other has her looking very dark and angry. I'm still not sure which I like better...probably the yellow one. She certainly had a mischievous side!

Keep in mind, this missed Cybils nominations by a day (one day!!), so it's eligible for next's years nominations.

To learn more or to purchase, click on the book cover above to link to Amazon.


Joy said...

We are in the same camp regarding Looking for Alaska, so you have given me hope. I may give this one a try now. Thanks!

Michelle said...

I heard so much about Looking for Alaska that when the reviews started popping up for Paper Towns I never really read much about it. It sounds all right. I don't think it's the type of book my library would stock though.

Jeanette said...

I read this a few weeks ago. It is the first time I read John Green. I liked it and plan to read his other books.

Lissa said...

This was my first Green, but I'm with you, I really liked it. Except the end. Thought there should have been more, or less... =D