Saturday, December 13, 2008

Picture Book Saturday: Christmas Galore

Being gone for as long as I was, I am incredibly behind on posting, especially in the Christmas category. For Picture Book Saturday this week, I'm featuring four great Christmas books to get everyone in the mood for the holiday and hopefully to inspire some book buying for the season. Books are the best gifts to give people!

I'm sure you all know how much I love pop-up books (my husband thinks I'm obsessed...) and A Present for Santa Claus is a great Christmas pop-up out this year. The actual pop-ups are created by Dana Kubick and includes one very cool 3-D "look through" pop-up and the story was written by David Wood. Basically, Sam wants to give Santa a present this year instead of asking him for something for himself, resulting in a year of saving his money and trying to find the perfect gift. He even goes as far as to write Santa a letter and tell him of the plan to buy him a present this year, something that just tickles Santa right in his heart. He decides to give Sam a great gift anyways and as the pop-ups help to explain, Sam does indeed get a very special treat!

The art is great, the story is cute, AND the cover has glitter on it. I'm a happy girl!

What Does Mrs. Claus Do? written by Kate Wharton and illustrated by Christian Slade helps to evoke images of what Mrs. Claus may do while Santa is out on his yearly present delivery. Are you one of those that just thought she sat at home, patiently awaiting the return of her hubby? You would be very wrong! Mrs. Claus may be hosting a black-tie ball, developing new toys with the elves, or even inspecting snowmen for flaws! You just never know what that sneaky Mrs. Claus may be up to...

The idea of the story is very cute, though it could have used a bit more substance. Still good for a Christmas read aloud.

Another book about Santa's lovely wife, Mrs. Claus Explains It All and is written by Elsbeth Claus (of course), illustrated by David Wenzel. Finally kids from around the world can have all of their questions about Santa, the elves, the North Pole, and the reindeer answered by an insider! Questions like "What is Santa's favorite cookie?," "How does Santa know where I live?," "Are all the reindeer boys?," and "Why didn't I get what I asked for?" are all questions that Mrs. Claus patiently answers.

Little ones will love having the "real" answers to the questions they've always wondered about. The art is also great in this cute picture book.

Finally, my favorite book of the week, What Dogs Want for Christmas is written and illustrated by Kandy Radzinski. I know, I know...move on from the dog books, Amanda. I just can't. Love them!

In Radzinski's adorable book, a myriad of different dogs tell us exactly what they want for Christmas this year, in cute little poems. Sam, a tiny Chihuahua, wants nothing more than something warm to wear, and Miss Maddie the Boxer simply wants a glimpse of Santa...but she's getting verrry sleepy.

The illustrations are beautiful, the dogs are adorable, and the text is pretty darn cute too. Great for animal lovers!

If you're interested in learning more about any of the titles or to purchase, click on any of the book covers to link to Amazon.

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shelburns said...

I adore What Does Mrs. Claus Do?! I reviewed it for The Well Read Child and will be cross posting on my blog.