Saturday, December 20, 2008

Picture Book Saturday!

I have 3 wintry/holiday related books for you all this week. Enjoy!

Mucky Pup's Christmas written and illustrated by Ken Brown is the cute tale of a little, mischievous puppy that truly believes he is helping out his family when he rearranges the Christmas tree, samples the cake, and carries the family Christmas cards in with his mouth. Unfortunately, the rest of the family thinks Mucky Pup has been bad and banishes him to the outside. The dog manages to have quite the adventure with the barn animals, all while his family begins to worry about just where Mucky Pup ran off too.

The illustrations are done very nicely and though the story is overly simplistic, it's a cute read aloud for the younger ones, especially now, around the holidays.

Jodie's Hanukkah Dig, written by Anna Levine and illustrated by Ksenia Topaz is a nice look at the topic of Hanukkah, without actually getting into the holiday aspects of it. Jodie is very interested in archeology and wants nothing more than for her father to take her to one of the famous archeological dig sites so she can practice. Since Pompeii is not anywhere near home, Jodie and her dad settle on a small dig site nearby, where Jodie learns that she and the Maccabees, the heroes of the Hanukkah story, have something very important in common.

Not overly preachy and a nice way to introduce the Hanukkah story. Jodie's Hanukkah Dig definitely is not the only book to use to teach about Hanukkah, but it's a nice start.

Finally, Footprints in the Snow, written and illustrated by Mei Matsuoka is my favorite of the week and absolutely adorable. Wolf, our main character, is pretty offended when he discovers that the only wolves he's ever read about in stories are mean, nasty, and want to eat everyone! So Wolf decides to write his own story about a nice wolf that never wants to eat anyone, but simply befriend all the animals and people that he can. Once into the writing of his story, Wolf begins to question weather his wold instincts are going to get the better of him.

The illustrations are really cute, the text is displayed differently on almost every page, and the story is adorable. A perfect read aloud for storytimes or bedtime!

If you're interested in learning more about any of the books, or to purchase, click on any of the book covers above to link to Amazon.


Lauren Baratz-Logsted said...

If it wasn't snowing so hard right now, I'd be going right out to buy Footprints in the Snow - it looks adorable!

corey schwartz said...

Hi Amanda,
I had already read great things about Footprints in the Snow, so I just clicked through to order it. Weirdest thing... the paperback was sold out, but the hardcover was actually cheaper! (hope you'll still get credit for the sale though!)