Friday, December 19, 2008

Poetry Friday: Soup for Breakfast

I haven't done a Poetry Friday post in so long! I guess I haven't had too many poetry books fall into my lap lately, though this one has been on my shelf for awhile. Not sure why I didn't pick it up before now, it's really very cute!

Soup for Breakfast is written and illustrated by Calef Brown (yay!) is quite humorous and almost reads as if Mr. Brown is thinking out loud. A stream of consciousness about a particular topic if you will. My absolute favorite poem out of the book is the hilarious "Painting on Toast," which is really about making a masterpiece on a single slice of toasted bread. Very cute! "Grandpa's Mustache" is pretty great too, as is "One to Ten (and Back Again)."

A great collection of poem's by an extremely talented poet and illustrator, Soup for Breakfast is a great choice for library shelves. The illustrations are excellent and the poems will definitely crack smiles!

If you would like to learn more, or to purchase, click on the book cover above to link to Amazon.


Serena said...

what a cute book.

Tom said...

Looks like a great little book. Thanks for the review; I will pick up a copy for my grandkids. Let me return the favor. Look for "108th Street" by T. David Lee. Very funny story about growing up in the 1950s. Think you'll like it. Keep those reviews coming.