Sunday, December 21, 2008


Every now and then, what we all need in our lives is a bit of suspense. I've been reading quite a few young adult novels lately and I can't really tell you that I've come across a whole lot of suspense during my reading. That is, until I read Shift.

Written by Jennifer Bradbury, the suspense starts within the first few pages when we meet Chris and his best buddy Winston. The pair are graduating from high school and as one last adventure before they go off to the colleges their parents are insisting they attend, they've decided to take a bike trip across the country. Unfortunately, once the trip has ended, only Chris returns. Win is nowhere to be found and Chris doesn't have any answers to give the people that want them.

Alternating between Chris's first week at college, intertwined with the investigation launched into finding Win, and the actual bike trip the guys took, allowing the reader to search for clues as to where Win might have gone and how he decided to leave. Though the boys had been best friends forever, it becomes clear that Chris didn't know his friend nearly as well as he thought he did, leaving him to question if he even knows himself.

Though a tad bit predictable, Shift is definitely one of the better coming-of-age books I've read this year. Chris is a great main character, carrying an air of sadness around with him, leaving the reader to sympathize with the situation he is in because of his friend. The suspense is constantly felt as well, not to mention a great sense of adventure when the tales of the bike trip are being told. It made me want to break out my bike and helmet (though I would probably ride around the block, not across the country)!

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